An individual therapy with Kristyna Brabcova
A RUS method therapist

RUS is a Czech acronym for fast, efficient and gentle.

Thanks to this method we are able to resolve a personal problem within one 4- hour long session.

Struggles that we have in our lives, things that are bothering us or just some things that are causing us an unpleasant feelings are simply a reflection of the thoughts and beliefs we have formed in earlier stages of our lives. When we process these thoughts, we do not have to live their consequences anymore.

With this method, we are able to deal with relationship problems (both at work and in personal life), financial situations, health problems and also a behaviour of your children or pets. Anything that you struggle with can be changed. Whether you are trying to gain or lose weight, stop smoking or you just have a feeling that you should be happy because you have everything you need but you are not, just come to us and solve it. Often, behind a long term endeavour that seems to be going nowhere, there is just one belief that you have rooted as a child and that is now preventing you from achieving the desired result.

If you think of a thousand reasons why not, believe me, it is just defence mechanism that is trying to keep you on track. The behaviour of people around you may not change, but you will no longer mind. However it is very likely that if you resolve your aversion to someone their irritating behaviour will subside.

I have a 3 year-long experience with this method. I have decided to be a therapist after this method resolved many of my health problems, fear and belief about myself which on one hand was preventing me from doing what I enjoy and on the other hand ‘forced’ me to live my life in a very exhausting way. Overall, this method made me believe that being happy is normal.

Price for 4 hours of therapy: 150 EUR

Phone: 0032 475 353 971 (you can also contact me via WhatsApp)
Instagram: kristyna_brabec

More info:

Video from the author of the method, Karel Nejedly